Welcome to the our eLibrary! The Cypriot Folk Music Society provides online access its collection. Our eLibrary is an essential resource for anybody interested in the folk music of Cyprus. It is a multi-media library comprising sheet music, sound recordings, lyrics, stories and more.

The Cypriot Folk Music Society eLibrary keeps growing and expanding. Your views and opinions are very valuable to us. Please contact and let us know if you have any advice or contribution.


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Cypriot Folk Music Society is proud to release its publisment “Cypriot Folk Dances Songbook”. This book is unique collection of notes and music sheets of our folk dance songs. As like the other publishments and sources, you can download the book in PDF format from our library.

We aim to have all schools, institutions, dance associations and folklore lovers to reach this source easily and print-use for their works. Our library seach tool also has all the songs that in the book. So if you want to reach songs seperately, you can use the library as well.

For having printable book version of Cypriot Folk Dances Songbook, you can use the download button bellow.


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Cypriot Folk Dances Songbook